The culture became a brand.


We are pioneering a new era of value creation and shared ownership in the world of brands.

Long-standing brands have traditionally shaped culture, but with the emergence of new digital trends, it's time for community culture to become an integral part of brands.

Our mission is to redefine brand culture through the power of public domain intellectual properties and blockchain technologies, fostering the environment of openness, collaboration, and inclusivity of the User-Generated Brands.

A future where growth and success are shared experiences.


We invite you to embrace this vision and join our ecosystem.


Collaborate for collective growth.

We are looking for business partners who believe in our vision and are ready to experiment and collaborate on new ventures. Your partnership could be the key to expanding our collective endeavor.


Experiment and innovate
with us. Risk-free.

Public Good is a web3-native platform that offers an arena for established brands to experiment with co-creation and communities, pushing the boundaries of a new brand culture without compromising their existing brand equities.


Shape the future of
user-generated brands

We invite you to participate in shaping the present and future of brands. Whether it's contributing your ideas, creating and improving products, or simply spreading the word, you can make a difference.


Introducing our very first product:
Public Good IPA

We've partnered with Narcose Brewery (Brazil) and Canil Brewery (Portugal) to bring a unique beer born from the culture of NFT projects. Inspired by the open source movement, its recipe, brand and label are in the public domain.

It was funded by NounsDAO to expand its activities globally, establishing a legitimate intersection between web3 and the real world.

Web3 Native

Bootstrapping community engagement and creative freedom provided by the Creative Commons Zero license from NFT projects.

Collective Building

A collaboration between beer enthusiasts, creators, and entrepreneurs working together to generate new solutions for business challenges.


Early purchasers of the Public Good IPA will have access to exclusive collectibles, creating a unique bond with the brand in both online and physical worlds.

Available Now

The Public Good IPA is available in Narcose Bar and online nationwide across Brazil, and in two locations in Lisbon (Portugal).


At Voidge, our focus is to connect WEB3 communities through a Metaverse that acts as a central HUB between all other metaverses. Having partners like Public Good, who are developing a Phigytal product specifically focused on CC0 communities, is crucial for attracting key users in our market. We believe that by working together, we can create a powerful ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.


Voidge Co-Founder

We believe that web3 represents a new frontier of opportunities in the interaction between people and brands. With new blockchain technologies, smart contracts, and NFTs, we can generate value for users and explore new forms of ownership. Participating in the Public Good, which focuses on building a collaborative and open community, is in line with our company vision.

@damascenogui, Co-Founder


Let's build the next Public Good?